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current state of my music and art skills

i haven't dedicated much time to properly practicing and learning music theory. the same goes for art; while i got a decent grasp of the fundamentals, i tend to forget them over time. i've been getting better at chord progressions, harmony (which i used to suck ass at), and more about using my DAW (FL Studio) in general. i haven't picked up much on art though, so my art skills are still the same as they were a year ago

nonetheless, i don't want to delay the development of NOTF any longer. programming has been challenging, yet enjoyable. this is partly because i understand how to achieve the results i want; i just need to debug and fine-tune things maybe 90% of the time. i'm not sure when i'll find the time to focus solely on music and art, but i know i'll lose plenty of sleep when i do


frutiger aero styled redesign

i absolutely adore and love the frutiger aero style, not just for nostalgia, but also because it just makes me focus on the content more. like the site theme? probably not, most people actually dislike the aero aesthetic, and that's perfectly fine. i'm actually planning on creating a small frutiger aero themed bar for VRChat. beautiful lighting included :3


youtube channel

once most of my side projects as well as NOTF is out of the way i'll start posting a few things to youtube every now and then. this includes music, random dev blogs, helpful godot related advice, and more


first post

this is the first post of the entire page, i'll probably forget about it years from now :o) there isn't too much to learn here so there's no point in an about page. i'll eventually add one if i have anything interesting worth sharing